Monday, 20 June 2011

Camp and unconference app

The previous post and the great feedback caused me to consider further how some of my ideas could be offered.  These things do require more planning which, in turn, requires more time and resources to make them happen.

I started thinking about how feasible it would be to create a website and associated applications which could offer a range of helpful ideas and resources which could be cherry-picked to assist those organising events of this type.

There are already a huge range of websites and applications which are used.  Blogs to create a web presence for the event, ticket systems to organise attendees, microblogging services like Twitter to connect the delegates on the day, YouTube and AudioBoo to post recordings after the event and so on.

Perhaps a place to bring all these ideas together; suggestions from people who have run events, ideas for their next events and resources specifically designed to fill gaps that other resources and social media services don't cover. Really simple things like an app to design the matrix for the number of rooms and sessions which can be filled in 'live', saved and shared.  Something to aggregate twitter users' details into an attendees list which can be displayed.  A QR code generator which uses some clever Google API to take that list and automatically create all the QR Codes in and then creates the labels ready to be printed directly to a sheet of labels.

This whole topic may be worthy of a discussion session at a future unconference and perhaps something which could be developed at a hack day.

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