Friday, 30 July 2010

SIM car keys

I watched Police, Camera Action this week and saw a guy who was drink driving, had no insurance, tax or MOT - not even a driving licence.  He had already been banned once and this was his second ban - before he had even passed his test!

There must be a more secure and reliable way for modern IT and electronics to manage this.

MOT, insurance, tax and the driving licence are still paper-based.  In the 21st century, this must be wrong.  We need a new way to issue and validate these products so that they are useful and work for the law abiding citizen rather than pander to the whims of those who think it is fine to break the law.

So we have these four products issued as SIM cards similar to those in mobile phones.  2 are personal to the car and the other 2 are specific to the driver.  The tax and MOT sims are inserted into the car they belong to and are  validated via 3G networks when the ignition is started.  The other two sims (insurance and driving licence) go inside the car keys and are also validated via the 3G network.  4 lights on the dashboard with confirm each sim has been validated and only then can the car be started. If there is an issue with any of these devices, the car will not start.

This is bound to cost a lot of money and the benefits won't be realised until all cars/keys are compatible with a universal system but it worked for the seatbelt, remote central locking, and airbags. One added security addition could be a fingerprint reader in the key itself.  If the car keys are stolen and used in the car, it wouldn't work unless the key is turned by the registered owner.

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