Monday, 2 August 2010

V Festival success
Today we launched 5 pages of advice and tips for people who are coming to enjoy the V Festival in Chelmsford this year.  Nicola has done a fantastic job in gathering together all the content for these pages including an excellent video which is now also available on

The key to the success is due to Nicola's efforts to liaise with the V Festival promoters and getting our first tweet about the pages retweeted on their channel and also their Facebook page.  @vfestival has about 13,000 followers and their Facebook page has over 106,000 fans.  Because promotes their twitter channel on their homepage, our tweets are also showing up there too.

In just 6 hours, we have exceeded the visits to the Essex Police homepage with nearly 2,000 visitors. It is clear that the path to extending our message is to target relevant social media communities.  The next step is to step into the heart of social media and get involved in the conversations rather than just firing in corporate messages from the sidelines.

The whole team is excited by this success and is keen to move forward.

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