Thursday, 5 August 2010

A very Special Special

David Cameron's live Q&A session in Hove today.
Special Constable Christine Smith
I Read with delight that Sussex Police webgirl and Special Constable extraordinaire, Christine Smith a Special Constable with Sussex Police managed to get the vital role of the Special Constabulary on the map today.

"A question from a long-serving special constable, who gives 800 hours a year on top of a full-time job. She's telling Cameron that this role should be recognised. She wants to know how the government intends to involve people like her in the planned reforms of the special constabulary. Cameron asks for a round of applause for her 800 hours of service. He says special constables are part of the police family. On some nights, you need extra officers on the beat, and he wants her to contact his police minister, Nick Herbert. Our lady is not having it. She's had difficulties getting her views across, despite all the experience she has to offer. Cameron promises to get her email address, and promises her an audience with Herbert in the next few weeks. Result."


Fantastic result Christine.  Here is a Tweet from Nick Herbert MP shortly afterwards:

@sc2221 Well done on your question to the PM today! Look forward to meeting up and talking about boosting the Specials - huge opportunity.

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